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    In action! Photo courtesy of Ellie Cutajar

    Hey there! I’m Malcolm Debono and I’m from the island of Malta, a small European country located just below Italy. I am currently reading for a degree in B. Communications (Hons.) and Computer Information Systems at University of Malta. I also work as a freelance cinematographer & photographer.

    Photography has been my main passion during the last couple of years, and it allows me to disconnect from today's busy world in order to capture specific moments in time. I have shifted more towards cinematography when the HDSLR revolution came about. The latest HDSLR cameras on the market offer many benefits for up & coming filmmakers, however the single thing that attracts me towards these cameras is the aesthetics within the picture they produce, which with the necessary skills can be made to mimic that of film (as opposed to the digital look produced by camcorders).

    I believe that today's small cameras are very powerful tools when combined with the right ideas. The picture that can be achieved with a camera this size is simply incredible! This has led me to support projects that aim to turn DSLRs and similar cameras into better cameras for shooting video. This has lead me to become involved in several worldwide projects which aim to further enhance features on such cameras including Magic Lantern for Canon DSLRs as well as as a smaller-scale project for Sony NEX cameras with Andrew Reid from EOSHD.

    Due to my passion towards video, I have also recently invested in a Canon C100 cinema camera, which further allows me to express my creativity while making life just a tad bit easier with its excellent ergonomics and countless features.

    I also create motion graphics mostly as part of larger-scale projects involving video or sold as stock on VideoHive, part of the Envato marketplace.

    From time to time, I also do some development, with the main aim of enhancing my workflow. The latest app that I created is HDSLR Offloader. It is a Windows utility that can offload footage from memory cards onto your PC's hard drives, but includes several advanced features such as multiple destinations, error checking, batch renaming and quick profiles. It also has plenty of features that are related to Magic Lantern, including HDR video processing and shot list generator.

    The main aim of this site is to serve as a personal portfolio of some of the works I create as well as document any interesting things I come along both online as well as in real life. I hope you enjoy your stay here! Feel free to drop me an email  should you wish to get in touch with me. I make an effort to reply to each email as quickly as possible!

  • Services// what I do

    What I do

    Below are some of the services I offer. Need something specific that isn't listed? Get in touch with me and we'll discuss your ideas!

    • Wedding cinematography
    • Photography
    • Motion graphics

    Wedding cinematography

    While I  strive to achieve the best results in all the work I do, wedding cinematography is by far my pride. Gone are the days of long & boring traditional wedding videos. I find it my priority is to tell a story by capturing the best moments of your wedding day (including the wedding highlights as well as reactions, candid shots and details), editing them together, and combining them with soundtracks that complement the film.

    I only use equipment from trusted brands such as Arri, Canon, Sennheiser and Manfrotto to name a few, which gives me peace of mind due to their reliability. My weddings are also covered by multiple cameras to capture a variety of different angles. Using some of the latest Canon cinema cameras and HDSLRs along with a variety of lenses, your wedding film can be shot with a cinematic look in Full HD quality. George Lucas once said that "sound is half the picture". I follow this principle and do my utmost to capture the cleanest sound possible especially during important parts of the weddings such as the vows.

    Kindly note that I only take a limited number of books per year to maintain the level of quality. If you'd like to inquire about the wedding packages I offer or to see samples of finished wedding films, please get in touch with me so that together we can discuss exactly what you need, depending on your requirements!

    Please visit MaltaWeddingFilms for further info regarding wedding cinematography.


    Need a Quote?

    If there's anything you want to ask us or any projects you'd like to discuss with us, you can contact us here: Contact Us

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  • Contact// how to get in touch

    Malcolm Debono


    Phone: (+356) 7906 2751

    Email: malcolm@malcolmdebono.com

  • HAPPY (we are from MALTA)

    The official MALTA version of Pharrell Williams - HAPPY

  • SOUND SALON – Spring Edition

    SOUND SALON - Spring Edition

    4th April 2014

    Location: Tattingers  

  • UNREAL (short film)


    Same question repeats itself over & over again...

    Who am I?


    A short film by Malcolm Debono

    Starring Lawrence Buontempo

    Voiceover by Tim Simmons

    Music by Dexter Britain (licensed through TMB)

    Special thanks to Daniel Zerafa

    Shot on Canon 5Dmk2 in ML raw

    This video was produced in part fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Communications (Hons.) at the Faculty of Media and Knowledge Sciences within the University of Malta

    © 2014

  • Wedding Trailer: Jessica & Jonathan

    Jessica & Jonathan

    14th February 2014

    Locations: St Paul's Shipwreck chapel (San Pawl tat-Tarġa, Naxxar) & Każin Malti (Valletta)


  • KSU Great Gradball 2013 after-movie

  • MADHATTER 2013

  • Wedding Trailer: Claire & Clint

    Claire & Clint

    3rd November 2013

    Locations: St Paul's Shipwreck chapel (San Pawl tat-Tarġa, Naxxar) & Villa Bologna (Attard)


  • Wedding Music Video: Abigail & Mark

    Abigail & Mark

    Featuring Red Electrick & guest artist Lou Bondi

    22nd September 2013

    Locations: Mellieħa Sanctuary & Seabank Resort (Mellieħa)


  • Wedding Trailer: Rachelle & Milan

    Wedding Trailer: Rachelle & Milan

    3rd August 2013


  • V18 Accessibility feature

    Disability, Culture and Access in the City Valletta - V18 presentation Shaun Grech

  • Wedding Trailer: Veronica & JP

    Wedding Trailer: Veronica & Jean Paul

    12 December 2012




  • Showreel 2012

    malcolmdebono | visuals

    // Showreel 2012



  • Life in Malta: Valletta

  • Magic Lantern 2.3 promo


  • Budafell


    Location: Marsaxlokk, Malta

    Shot on a NEX-5N and Fuji 55mm f/1.6



  • Regnen

    Regnen (Rain)

    Shot on a NEX-5N and Fuji 55mm f/1.6



  • Cinematic Promo


  • Heineken game simulation


Welcome to malcolmdebono.com

Cinematography & photography